Outpatient Solution to Safeguard the Privacy of PHI

Outpatient organizations are responsible for safeguarding the privacy of their patient’s PHI and no covered entity is too small to avoid HIPAA regulations. With limited staff and budget, outpatient organizations are challenged to conduct a mandatory security risk analysis, create relevant policies and procedures, and train their staff on HIPAA privacy and security. Meanwhile, more federal and state regulations have been passed with higher liabilities for violations. As a result, many outpatient covered entities are one breach or audit away from substantial risk to their practice.

A required component of achieving Meaningful Use of your EHR is to conduct a HIPAA Security Risk Analysis. Not only will this qualify your practice for substantial savings, but it is simply a sound, proven business practice for any organization managing sensitive information. CompliancePro™, our easy-to-use web-based software provides you with privacy and security tools, all accessed through our secure, password protected web portal.


Our Physician Office HIPAA Compliance Program will help you protect patient privacy and operate in accordance with current and upcoming regulations including:

  • HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules (45 C.F.R. Parts 160 and 164, Subparts A, C, and E)
  • Subtitle D of the HITECH Act
  • Recent updates in the “Omnibus Final Rule” which became effective March 26, 2013
  • We will give you the guidance and support you need, without having to become an expert in privacy laws and regulations or employ dedicated privacy and security staff.


  • Security Risk Analysis - analyze your organization for vulnerabilities per HIPAA guidelines with our web-based Assessments app. This also meets a key Meaningful Use requirement.
  • Privacy Risk Analysis - perform a similar analysis of privacy vulnerabilities based on industry best practices
  • Privacy and Security Policy Templates - start with our templates to easily create HIPAA compliant policy and procedure documents for your organization
  • Business Associate Tracking - track your BA’s and their agreements
  • HIPAA Training Materials - utilize training materials in both powerpoint and streaming video format to train your workforce and your security and privacy officer
  • Assessments - evaluate your organization for compliance against a standard set of questions or criteria including HIPAA security or privacy risk assessments, organization audits, and more


An initial “onboarding” training webinar to acquaint users with our tools and address initial questions. Assistance in using our assessments, policy document templates, and other tools Expert consulting on a wide spectrum of HIPAA subjects including Privacy and Security Risk Analysis. Ongoing updates to the CompliancePro™ Library based on new regulations and best practices.


  • CompliancePro™ is a cloud-based solution that requires no IT resources
  • Our Security and Privacy Risk Assessment Tools are Excel-based and can be configured based on the type of healthcare entity (inpatient, physician office, business associate, etc.)
  • Our Policy Manuals are Word-based and utilize Word fields to make global customizations.
  • Our Workforce Training Materials are delivered through a web-based Learning Management System
  • All customer data is encrypted per HIPAA guidelines
  • CompliancePro™ is hosted in a SAS 70 / SSAE16 compliant data center

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