OCR Phase 2 Audit Protocols and Pre-Survey Information


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I received through AHIMA sources this week the 2016 Audit Phase 2 protocols and copies of the web forms. OCR is sending these out electronically to covered entities in advance of the next round of audits to collect information about the facilities and their business associates. As usual OCR placed the protocols in a table on their website with (so far) no download capability. However, a downloadable PDF may become available once the other language versions of the protocols are published.

I have created MS-Word, MS-Excel and PDF versions of the protocols and placed them in the PrivacyPro Reference Library. All PrivacyPro customers can find them, along with direct web links to the OCR website for the protocols and the survey information, under the Enforcement and Audits’ folder.

I’ll be working on these protocols and adapting them into our toolsets such as SRA, PRA and policies. Theoretically, these could change somewhat since they are open to some period of public comment, but it’s doubtful much will change. We will publish these changes in our newsletters as they are put into place. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me. Thank you.

Phase 2 Audit Protocols Screenshot