New PrivacyPro App: Assessments

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We are nearing completion on a major new PrivacyPro application called “Assessments”. Assessments is intended for any type of scenario where you want to evaluate your organization for compliance against a standard set of questions or criteria. This could include less formal “walk-through” assessments that many organizations conduct on a departmental basis as well as more formal HIPAA security or privacy risk assessments or organization audits. Assessments is not limited to HIPAA privacy and security and could be used to assess compliance with other internal or government standards.

Useers will be able to associate risk and actions with specific assessment questions that are answered incorrectly or assign them based on the overall assessment results. Action items can be assigned and tracked in a manner similar to existing PrivacyPro applications. A customizable assessment report can be created for communication of the assessment results to users outside of PrivacyPro.

In addition to evaluating organizations, it can also be used to document and evaluate IT technology assets that maintain or transmit sensitive information such as PHI, including email servers, department laptops, lab systems, etc. We will provide a few standard assessment templates from which customers can use or modify or they can create an entirely new assessment template from scratch.

Many assessments today are conducted using Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, or PDF forms. The general shortcoming of that approach is that it is difficult to do any type of analysis that spans multiple files, such as comparing departments, trending progress over time, or looking for common trends throughout a larger organization. With PrivacyPro Assessments, the results will be maintained in a central database and a standard set of analytics will be provided, similar to what we’ve done for existing applications. In addition to having standard reports and graphs, users will be able to download Assessment data into a spreadsheet for further custom analysis.

Assessment access will be controlled using the same application and regional security mechanisms used by our existing applications.

Here are a couple sample screens to give you an idea of what the Assessments application looks like:

Sample Assessments Homepage:

Sample Assessments Homepage

Each case represents an assessment for a particular area of your organization. Some assessments may be completed while others are in progress. Similar to other PrivacyPro applications, home page filters control what set of assessment cases are shown. The Analytics tab will provide a standard set of graphs for the selected set of assessments.

Standard Questionnaire Form

Assessments Questionnaire

An assessment template can contain one or more sections. This shows a standard questionnaire form. When setting up the assessment template you can define the allowable answers for each question. Default risks and actions appear when a question is answered wrong. Alternatively, you can assign risks and actions at the end and not to individual questions.

Interview Section Example

Assessments Questionnaire - Inteview

This form shows a different type of assessment form intended for cases where you want to interview a selected set of staff members to evaluate over all staff knowledge of a compliance area.

Beta testing for Assessments is scheduled to begin March 1st and we have three initial beta testing customers already identified. We anticipate the Beta testing period to take 2-3 months and we will then make it available to all customers. The initial version will include all the features to create and complete Assessments, with the Analytics features being added a few months later. The primary focus will be on completing assessments with a PC, laptop, or tablet device, but we are also considering having a feature to print out a blank assessment form as well.

As an entirely new and optional application, there is an additional annual license fee for Assessments ranging from $1,000 - $5,000 / year, depending on the size of the organization and planned scope of use. There is also a one-time implementation fee of $1,500. Any current customer is welcome to conduct a free 90-day trial evaluation of Assessments to determine if it is appropriate for their organization before making a purchase decision. We understand that in many cases budgets for 2018 have been finalized and we will be happy to work with customers to find a solution.