New OCR Audit Protocols Summary Tools Available

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Preparing for an OCR audit has become a hot topic recently. To assist you in this task, CompliancePro Solutions has completed, and is making available, OCR audit summary tools.

We have taken the 180 Phase 2 Audit Protocol Documents that were recently released and converted them to more usable tools (Word and Excel documents). The latest versions of these documents now include security, in addition to breach and privacy. These documents illustrate patterns and related topics within the protocols and we have added new information to summarize the “Audit Inquiries”. A new column was added to our Excel document summarizing the tasks and action verbs and adds numeric indexing to each task. The Word document takes the summaries from Excel and lays them out with similar topics grouped together. Within each set of protocols, the action verbs for each protocol are underlined to illustrate the tasks that need to be performed.

PrivacyPro customers can always find the most current versions of these documents in the PrivacyPro Library, in the “Enforcement and Audits” folder. If anyone else is interested in these tools, please visit our website under Resources. Look for “Phase 2 OCR Audit Protocols Summary”.

If you have any questions about these documents, please contact Kelly at