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Assessments is Now Available

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CompliancePro Solutions would like to announce that our new Assessments application is now available. This web-based application is intended to automate your internal assessment process. It is completely customizable and can be used for HIPAA privacy, security or other areas of compliance. Since the Assessment data is now stored in a database, you can view Analytics that show trends over time, averages across multiple areas, and track followup risks and action items. We’ve received very positive feedback from our beta sites and are now making it available to any organization.

For current CompliancePro customers, this application is not turned on by default so you need to send an email to and we will turn it on and schedule a web training session to show you how to use it. There is no charge to conduct a 90-day evaluation but, as an entirely new application, there is a charge if you decide to continue using it for production assessments.

If you are not a current customer, you can: